Sunday, April 22

Hey hey hey! I found out where the word 'pomegranate' comes from! Latin name: Punica granatum. So, it's from the Latin word for it. I may now end this blog in peace.
No. Really. I'm moving. Now all I have to learn is what a FTP is. I know what a passive FTP is, and a firewall, and know lotsa stuff about getting into passive FTPs, and shit.

Funny thing is. I don't know what a FTP is.


Saturday, April 21

*loudly curses blogger* Work, dammit! Save those frikkin' changes I made to your half arsed HTML! Frig. I think I'll move my blog.

I was over at a neighbour's house. She's a year younger than me. But she's anything but 'too young'. She knows more than I ever would at that age. She pops up with the funniest, weirdest, and most obvious things. She once said to me, 'It would all be easier if the person you loved automactically loved you back. But I guess it's not supposed to be that way.' Simple. We were playing Nintendo (she was; I was randomly pressing buttons, seeing as I've never played Nintendo before.) and, quite frankly, laughed our arses off.

I missed my favorite TV show. But, you know what? I enjoyed sitting there with one of my good friends. Having a good time. Because she's not 'young' at all. She has more wisdom inside her round head than most adults I know. She enjoys life.

I watched the stars coming home. It's been so damn cloudy lately, I haven't seen 'em. I missed them.

damn this thing.
Who the heck thought up of the name pomegranate? I'm pretty sure, in my 12 year old mind, that pomegranates originated in Israel. It doesn't look like an Ivrit (Hebrew) word. Maybe it's Arabic. Or Greek. Or maybe it's the ancient curse word the first person to try and peel a pomegranate (that sounds amusing.) yelled when they tried to get the red stuff off the fruit. Because that's no easy task.

I don't know.

I hope, that by next year, when this blog is hopefully a year old, I'll find out where the name pomegranate comes from.

I hate being 12. 'The age of not believing' really, quite frankly, sucks monkey. People always say you're too young. I hate that. Don't you remember when you were 12? Didn't you hate being told that too? It's perfectly fair. It's their opinion that I'm too young. It's not necessarily an educated opinion. Being 'too young' is like being 'too immature and stupid to figure it out'.

Maybe I'm absolutely wrong. Maybe I am too young, maybe they're too old. But I don't think I'm wrong. And here, whatever I think, goes.